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    EZ Lease Plus Advantages

    The Apple Leasing EZ Lease is the most consumer friendly lease on the market. Our EZ Lease PLUS provides better rates, more flexible financing, and extra protection. Learn about our new EZ Lease Plus with enhanced benefits and coverage!

    EZ Lease Plus Features and Benefits

    Additional Information

    Prepaid Maintenance
    (2 Levels Available)

    Oil Change
    (5,000-mile interval)

    • 36 months; scheduled service every 5,000 miles or total of 9 oil changes
    • 48 months; scheduled service every 5,000 miles or total of 12 oil changes
    • 60 months; scheduled service every 5,000 miles or total of 15 oil changes

    Tire Rotation

    • Performed at every oil change service visit based on term selected above

    Additional Coverage
    (optional at surplus charge)

    • (1) set of wiper blades
    • (1) brake pad service
    • (1) air filter replacement
    • (1) cabin filter replacement
    • (1) set of tires up to a maximum of $700

    Multi-Shield Appearance Package

    Dent & Ding

    Unlimited Use

    • Limited to exterior vertical and horizontal painted sheet metal body panels
    • No limitations as to number of times PDR processes can be used throughout term of contract

    Second Opinion

    • Allowed; as long as repairs are made using PDR processes and prior authorization is obtained, it will be covered

    Hail Storm

    • Reimbursement of primary vehicle’s other than collision (comprehensive) deductible up to max of $1000


    • Collision damage, very deep dents, or chipped paint
    • Dents exceeding 4”

    Wrap Warranty Power Train Match

    • $0.00 DEDUCTIBLE
    • Coverage: Wrap-Around
    • Gives exclusionary coverage; wraps around manufacturer’s powertrain
    • Begins at original in-service date and miles


    • Expires at whichever occurs first: years or miles

    Form PM6R

    • Plan CB Companion Exclusionary

    Tire and Wheel Coverage:
    60 months
    Emergency Roadside Service included

    Coverage: Repair or Replace

    • Fair market value to repair/replace with equipment of like kind and quality
    • Must be result of contact with road hazard (curb, pothole, debris such as nail, rock or tree limb)
    • Construction zones not valid

    Cosmetic Repairs

    • Alloy wheels only; if cosmetic damage cannot be repaired, heel will NOT be replaced
    • Chrome wheels excluded for cosmetic repair


    • Emergency roadside towing up to $100 included

    Rental Car

    • Reimbursement up to $35/day to a max of $70 for rental car expenses incurred during claim
    • No rental reimbursement for cosmetic claims

    Aftermarket Wheels

    • Exact matching replacements may not be possible unless found by repair facility or customer
    • If replacement not found, cash settlement will be made in amount for which original damaged wheel was purchased


    • Tires with less than 3/32” tread depth
    • Any tire or wheel damage which is covered by primary insurance coverage
    • Any replacements covered by warranty
    • Hubcaps, center caps, and wheel covers
    • Cosmetic repairs to chrome wheels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Apple EZ Lease Plus?

    Our EZ Lease Plus provides our customers with better rates, flexible finances, and extra protection for your vehicle!

    What is the difference between the EZ Lease and EZ Lease Plus

    For extra protection and milage, opt for our EZ Lease Plus. This agreement provides you extra mileage forgiveness, pre-paid maintenance, and forgiveness for excess wear and tear. Get tire and wheel coverage, our multi-shield appearance package, and oil change and tire rotation included in your lease.