Advantages of Leasing a Car

As the price of buying a car increases, car shoppers must finance vehicles longer. With leasing a car save money on maintenance and car payments without the long-term commitment of buying a car. At Apple Leasing, drive a newer and better-equipped vehicle than you otherwise could afford.

Why Lease a Car with Apple Leasing?

1. Low Monthly Car Payments – Your monthly payments to lease are often much less than a car loan. Not only are the monthly payments cheaper, but you can put the savings towards your lease.

2. No Long-Term Commitment – An auto lease covers depreciation and taxes only for the time you own the vehicle, while with buying the car decreases as soon as you drive it off the lot. Apple Leasing even offers a short-term lease option for those wanting to drive a new car more often.

3. Newer Vehicles – With leasing drive a newer car, typically still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Driving a newer car means paying less in repairs and unexpected issues in the long run.

4. Easy Trade-in Car Process – Easily sell or trade-in your car through us and don't worry about selling your vehicle privately or to a dealership. At Apple Leasing, use your trade-in as a down payment towards your lease.

5. Car Lease Tax Deduction – If your leased vehicle is used for business, you may qualify for tax deductions that can save you money over purchasing. Read further about our commercial leasing program.

6. No Haggling - Get any make or model at a great price, hassle-free. Apple Leasing has the best auto leasing deals in Austin, therefore you don't need to worry about negotiating.

7. Personalized Car Lease Contract - We learn every customer’s unique situation, then personalize a lease that works for them, most often with no money down. Learn more about Apple's EZ Lease advantages.

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