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    Lease Return Cars, Trucks and SUVs

    Apple Lease Returns

    Quality pre-owned cars at wholesale pricing

    Apple Lease Returns has access to over 400 unique lease returns and trades a month. We carry all make and model cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Leased vehicles are returned in excellent condition and are available to lease or purchase directly from our dealership. Apple Lease Returns has the highest quality pre-owned vehicles offered at great prices to our customers.

    Most pre-owned leases are one owner, low mileage, certified by Carfax lease returns or lease trade-ins. Get a great car lease deal on Apple Lease Returns pre-owned lease inventory.

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    Chevy tahoe buy lease return


    At Apple Leasing, we feel it’s part of our job to get you the highest trade-in value for your old car. Whether we buy your old car, or simply facilitate the sale, our retail network of used car experts will make sure you receive top dollar for your car. That means the best value for your lease trade in.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an off-lease car?

    An off-lease vehicle is a car that has been returned to a leasing company at the end of a lease. Off-lease cars aren’t necessarily certified by the manufacturer, but they are typically inspected by a mechanic at the leasing company when the lease comes to an end or if the vehicle is returned. Apple Leasing offers these vehicles for sale as great, gently pre-owned cars.

    Are lease returns a smart purchase?

    Yes! If you are looking to buy a gently-used car, buying a lease return could be right for you. Most off-lease cars are one owner and well maintained vehicles. Get a quote on lease return at 

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