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    Commercial Vehicle Leasing

    Are you a business owner looking to manage your company vehicles efficiently and effectively? If so, then Apple Leasing is the partner for you!

    Our fleet vehicle lease programs are designed to meet your needs, whether you operate a small-, medium-, or large-size fleet. You have a business to run; let us make sure you get the most out of your company vehicles with an unlimited mile, business auto lease.

    Why Partner with Apple Leasing For Your Business Vehicle Lease?

    Apple Commercial Leasing offers vehicle and equipment financing to meet your needs. Our agents take the time to get to know every one of their clients in order to find the perfect vehicle and lease to fit their unique wants and needs.

    fleet cars and equipment

    How Much Can My Business Save Leasing?

    Fleet leasing has more advantages than ever before for companies that need the cash flow to reinvest in their business. Get a quote today and find out how much your company could be saving!

    Lease Purchase
    Cost of Vehicles $100,000
    Lease Payment $2,415.95
    PURCHASE–AMORTIZED BY COC ($100K @ 3% OVER 36 MONTHS) $2,908.12
    TOTAL COST FOR 36 MONTHS (PAYMENTS X 36 MO.) $86,974.20 $104,692.32
    TOTAL BENEFIT OVER TERM (DIFFERENCE $86,974.20–$104,692.32) $17,718.12

    What Makes Apple Business Vehicle Leasing Different?

    We offer no mileage restrictions on our commercial leases. We understand that your vehicle helps your business make money, when it is on the road. You are able to choose a payment schedule with the option of spreading out your payments over 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 months. Working with the best fleet leasing company also earns your business:

    icon of 1 speed
    Respond quickly as your need for equipment arises.  
    icon of 2 customized solutions
    Leasing allows you to structure a financing program that addresses your key business issues.
    icon of 3 tax advantages
    Pay for the equipment with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax profits.
    icon of 4 conserve working capitol
    Cut your replacement cycle in half.
    icon of 5 increase company value
    Make your business more attractive to investors since leasing does not appear as debt on your financial statement.
    icon of 6 flexibility
    Add to or upgrade your lease, as your needs change.
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    Why Should I Fleet Lease?

    Fleet leasing equips your staff with the latest and greatest vehicles. With an updated fleet, your employees benefit from improved safety features, better fuel economy and new technologies that will make doing their job a breeze. Pros of a corporate vehicle lease with Apple Leasing include:

    icon of 1 Offloading care of all your business needs to an expert, business vehicle leasing company
    icon of 2 Leasing vehicles or equipment nationwide (most competitors can’t do that)
    icon of 3 Accessing a variety of auto lease programs that fit your company’s needs and goals
    icon of 4 Saving time and money by having one point of contact for your company’s commercial vehicle lease
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is commercial auto leasing?

    Commercial leases are usually run by a leasing or fleet management company. Apple Leasing partners with fleet management companies around the country to get you the best lease deal on new trucks, vans, and other equipment your business may need.

    Why should I do commercial leasing with Apple?

    Apple Leasing offers our customers no mileage restrictions on our commercial leases. We understand that your vehicle helps your business make money the longer it is on the road. At Apple, we give you the options to choose a payment schedule with the choice of spreading out your payments over 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 months.

    What are the tax incentives of leasing a vehicle for business?

    When you choose a commercial lease you are able to take advantage of some tax opportunities. For example, you can pay for the equipment with pre-tax dollars rather than after-tax profits. Some of the cost of the car is also tax deductible with the proper records.

    Even if you just want a personal vehicle for business use we have the right lease to suit you and will help you manage your tax benefits. 

    Should I buy or lease a van for my business?

    Leasing a van is ideal for businesses that want to reduce upfront costs and stay current with the latest models. A business van lease allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee and drive a new model every few years, lowering maintenance costs, conserving working capital, and allowing for more flexibility. Your business can also deduct lease payments and sales tax from your taxes.

    If the above advantages sound right for your business, contact Apple Leasing, the best commercial van leasing company in Austin.