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Thursday May 25, 2017 at the Falconhead Golf Club will be the 2017 Donate Life Texas Golf Challenge.

Apple Leasing is a big donor of the Donate Life Texas organization. Up to eight lives can be saved through one person’s gift of organ donation and more.
Scott Crossett, family man and business-owner, discusses with (Austin MD) his experiences with a health crisis and gives insight into a cause some may not consider.

Scott, owner of Apple Leasing, a local vehicle leasing company that has been in business for more than 25 years, lived with hepatitis C, but unbeknownst to him, was the damage it was doing to his liver. Scott explains that many with hepatitis C live their lives without complication, but when he suddenly came down with a terrible stomach bug in May 2007, the damage to the liver was beyond treatment and he was told he would have to have a liver transplant. This was the beginning to a long journey he and his family would face to get Scott’s health back.

Scott says transplants are something he never put much thought into prior to his health scare. “I was indifferent because it didn’t affect me. But when I knew I would need a transplant, I started looking into the subject- how it saves people’s lives.”

The transplant changed Scott’s life, giving him a chance to live his life and opening his eyes to a cause he had never considered. “[Organ donation] is the greatest gift you can give. It saves lives,” Scott says. According to the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, one person’s donation can save up to eight lives. TOSA’s mission is to educate Central and South Texans about the importance of being a registered donor. All Texans are encouraged to register their decision to save lives at

Scott now supports the cause of increasing awareness of the benefits of organ donation. Apple Leasing, Scott’s vehicle leasing and pre-owned car lot, does fundraisers to support the organ donation cause.