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    Car Trade-in Value

    Sell Or Trade-In Your Car In Austin

    Must have keys, title, and registration

    Are you thinking about trading in your current vehicle? Then we want to help, and you can get started right online. Fill out the form that we have for you on this page to tell us all about your trade-in vehicle. We will get back to you right away with our trade-in estimate.

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    What is the Trade-In Value of My Car?

    At Apple Leasing, we cut out the middle-man when you trade in a car with us. Utilize our network of used car experts and receive top dollar for your car. Save time and money by having one point of contact.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sell or trade-in my car in with Apple Leasing?

    When you trade-in your vehicle with Apple Leasing, we save you time and money by eliminating the middleman. Use our network of used car experts to get the most money for your vehicle today!

    What is trade-in value?

    In exchange for your old car, a dealership can offer you a trade-in value that you can put toward the purchase of a new or used car. This is basically a car dealership’s evaluation of your car when you decide you want to trade-in your vehicle.

    What should I expect when I trade-in my car lease?

    When trading in your vehicle for a new car lease, you only have to worry about the difference in monthly payments between your previous lease and new lease. One of the many advantages of leasing is maintenance provisions. At Apple Leasing, maintenance care is included in our lease agreements with their customers.

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