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    Who is Apple Leasing?

    Since 1975, Apple Leasing has been one of the top-ranked leasing companies in the country. It's our job to ensure that customers are satisfied with their yearly car leasing process. 70% of our business is accredited to repeat and referred customers due to top-notch customer service and giving our customers the best possible new car lease deals in Austin.

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      We find the exact car that you’re looking for.
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      We provide top dollar for your trade-in and the best leasing deal.
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      We facilitate your lease over the phone and deliver directly to you.

    How Do I Finance My New Car Lease?

    Apple Leasing offers a 0 down car lease, no payments for 90 days, and the best car lease deal rates in Austin. Our user-friendly EZ Lease provides more flexibility and exceptional service.

    Why Should I Lease My New Car With Apple?

    Buying a car has it's advantages, but by leasing a new car with Apple, you have a shorter commitment, little to no upfront down payment, and low interest rates. Drive any make, any model of your choice and leave the burden of buying in the past! Check out the top pros of leasing.

    icon 3 Allow yourself to drive a new car every few years.
    icon 2 Avoid the liabilities of ownership in a vehicle.
    icon 3 Never over finance a vehicle again, just to get lower payments.

    What About My Trade-in Vehicle?

    Whether we buy your old car, or simply facilitate the sale, we will make sure you receive top dollar for your car. By trading in your vehicle, you can ensure lower monthly payments and no money down. Sell your car and get a quote on a new car today!

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    Cut out the middle-man and sell directly to us.  
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    Recieve top dollar for your car.
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    Utilize our network of used car experts..
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    Save time and money by having one point of contact.
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    Does Apple Leasing Offer New Car Lease Deals?

    Apple Leasing offers the best car lease deals in Austin. When leasing a new car, you can save tons of money by having lower monthly payments, potentially no upfront cost, and the best deals on a new car. Shop our monthly offers and get pre-approved today.

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