With the soaring cost of living in Austin, every dollar matters. Finding places where you can save money is important, especially with something as crucial to a Central Texas lifestyle as a vehicle. Whether you spend your hard-earned cash on necessities, concert tickets, or a weekend getaway to Fredericksburg is up to you; at Apple Leasing, we just want to get you the best car lease in Austin. So, which is the best way to save money – leasing or buying a car? The best way to answer this overarching question is to first consider a few elements of your current lifestyle and needs, then make the ideal choice for your unique situation:

1. Do you want a lower monthly payment?

When you buy a car, you’re taking financial responsibility for the entire cost of the transaction and the vehicle’s full depreciation. If you’d like to have a lower monthly payment, leasing is the best option. Leases are typically shorter-term commitments where you are only paying for the time that you use the vehicle. This allows for lower monthly payments on leases versus traditional financing, allowing you to save money, or opening up the option to drive a newer and better-equipped vehicle than you might otherwise be able to afford. Additionally, you’ll save money on maintenance costs, which are often covered by warranty for the life of an average lease.

2. Do you like to drive a different car every few years?

If you typically hold on to a car for 6 years or longer, then buying is definitely the way to go. But, if you don’t like the long-term commitment that comes with ownership, again, leasing is the best option. When you lease, you can drive a newer car, usually still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and you get the added benefit of paying less for repairs or unexpected issues that can occur with an older car. Apple Leasing has some of the best car lease deals in Austin, and we even offer a short-term lease option for those who like to drive a new car more often.

3. How much do you drive?

Let’s face it, whether you lease a car in Austin, or buy, having a car is a necessity to get around in the city. That said, if you primarily use your car in and around town rather than taking long road trips, then leasing is a great option. We work closely with our customers to ensure that you do not exceed the allotted mileage provided by your lease and can structure your lease to include unlimited mileage. However, if you only drive an average of 12,000 miles a year, you would want to structure your lease to reflect those numbers. We know life is full of changes so if your driving habits change, Apple Leasing can trade you out of your lease early.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, you can make an informed decision about whether leasing or buying a vehicle is the right choice for you. If leasing is the right option for you, and you want to talk to experts on car leasing in Austin, TX, call one of our reps, fill out a quote form below, or make your way down to Apple Leasing and let us help get you into a new vehicle today.

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